don’t touch me

But if you’re Ed Sheeran you have my permission to

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 can we all just take a moment to appreciate that hair ruffle (x)



okay this is painful

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Ed Sheeran performs at the Staples Centre, 27 August 2014 [X]

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I took this on my cellphone .

Good Job cellphone

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I am in love with this picture

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eddictedsheerio asked: ED WON THOUGH


i made this for you:

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oh i’m a mess right now x

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Ed Sheeran at the end of his speach after winning Best Male Video award at VMA 2014 (via edsheeran)

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“The fanbase I have are very, very loyal and very, very, um, kind of excitable. And I think it’s because we’re all misfits. This is what I’ve seen. Like, if you were to go to like a big pop concert - like a big one, choose anyone - the girls kind of glam themselves up, and they’re all in heels and they’re all in dresses and they kind of try and outdo each other, whereas like when I’m at my concert, everyone’s just kind of themselves. They’re all in Converse and baggy jeans and kinda - exactly like me. You know, a bit of a misfit. So I find that that’s why the fanbase are kinda like that. They kind of all come together and realize that they all fit in together. What’s the quote? It’s um, ‘A misfit isn’t a misfit amongst misfits.’”

Ed Sheeran, August 23, 2014.  (via littlebitofbass)

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