seriously wtf did i miss these past couple days

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ed-sheeran replied to your post: THERE ARE NO NY SHOWS :’(

ed/his team aren’t allowed to announce all of the dates right now, they’re going to announce them later. nyc shows are said to be in the summer (stuart’s twitter) and more dates will be announced soon

Thank you for telling me aaaaaahhhh i cant wait 

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"don’t fuck with me" blonde 

ok so she’s admitting it. ok

Ed is actually a dick 

for what? expressing his feelings in a song about someone who cheated on him? fuck off

watch yourself haters, the sheeran fandom is calm in general but may attack when provoked.

i will cut a bitch if i have to

well this escalated quickly

Ellie is a cheating whore, I new I hated her for more then her crappy music and her weird face

Jesus okay let’s not hate on her and call her a whore? Don’t you think that’s a little insensitive considering we only know Ed’s side of the story. Just be respectful towards everyone. Calling Ellie a whore is not what the Ed Sheeran fandom is about. He doesn’t need us fighting his battles so just 

This is why I love this fandom. most of us protect ed without feeling the need to put someone else down in the process. almost every fan I’ve seen has known that we don’t know the full story and we can’t pass judgement since it’s just Ed’s word. that’s great because most fandoms just go blindly with their idols word without any question.

Exactly. Don’t bother whoever said that, and don’t assume stuff. I kinda regret posting this bc now people are bitching to whoever called ed a dick. I can understand where you’re coming from, but lets just be respectful. Maybe ellie did make a mistake, but i don’t think that ed imagined people would be calling her a whore bc of this song. Cool ur shit y’all.

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They will add more shows, he will def go to NY

thank you for telling me aaahhhhhhh

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the sweeran tag makes me so uncomfortable 

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So this happened today, I met Ed Sheeran. 

Finally after 4 years of trying 

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